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We create and roll out bespoke marketing strategies tailored to your brand, audience and niche to get more paying customers onto your website. No matter if we’re revamping your existing website or building one from scratch, we’re confident that we’ll be able to create a design that not only you and your customers will fall in love with, but that will make a tangible difference to your business.

Website Creation & Design

The best thing about the Wix Platform  is that it cuts through the noise. No jargon, no hidden secrets, just a platform that YOU can understand and use as an extension of your business. Whether you currently have a physical store and want to bring your business online or you’re tackling the digital world from the get-go, the Wix Platform is user-friendly and puts you at the heart of your website.

Graphic Design

Turn to any graphic designer and they will tell you that graphic design is about much more than combining pictures and fonts to create a poster, magazine, sticker, or banner.


As one of the most complex and varied disciplines within the realms of digital and print marketing, graphic design is all about getting clever and creative. It’s both a science and art all at once. Our graphic design service covers a wide range of print and digital graphic design, for any project.

Logo Creation & Design

A strong logo is the beginning of your company’s branding and conveys your business’s vision. More and more, consumers are judging businesses by their appearance as much as by what they do. A great logo is the absolute beginning of success for any brand.

Social Media Optimization

How a business talks to its customers is key to its public image, and no place is this more apparent than social media. At Blueprint, we offer a range of social media packages to strike the perfect tone and bring your business into the social spotlight.

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Blueprint Design Studios is a graphic design company based in New York City, New York with more than five years of extensive experience in web design, logo design, and various design practices for print.



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